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I once solved problems for machines, but now I solve problems for people. I love how design work is messy and unpredictable, and uncovering how people think is my favorite part.


From engineering to becoming a student at MassArt, my journey into design has been a fun ride. Continue on to read my story!

I love hiking with my dog and using paper maps.

My Story

I began my career as a mechanical engineer, but a couple years down the road I felt the passion fade.


I wanted to keep this passion alive, so I volunteered for a non-profit, Challenge America, in one of their Make-a-Thon design challenges. The goal was to solve a problem for a disabled veteran.

One of the speakers at Challenge America gave a talk on the importance of having empathy when designing with our veteran. These skills such as empathy and facilitating interviews were something I never practiced as an engineer, and it was thrilling to be able to use these skills that were more in line with my strengths. The experience inspired me to begin a year long journey of new career exploration. Ultimately I figured out that I love solving problems for people, rather than for machines.


I ended up at MassArt pursuing a Masters in Design Innovation. The program teaches design and how the field intersects with business to create innovative products and services.

Along the way I've had amazing opportunities to solve design problems in healthcare at GoInvo and MGH. I have led various teams in MGH through workshops to help them implement design thinking into their problem solving processes.

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Today, I love sharing my career journey in the hopes that it helps others. I design and facilitate workshops for high schoolers that help them reflect on their career path choices. I've also spoken at the 2021 UXPA Fair, and co-presented the opening talk at the 2021 UXPA Conference.


I am almost done with grad school and look forward to learning and growing as a design strategist.

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